MyInfo is an intuitive new tool, so you can be more efficient with your time management, budget planning, and tracking your academic progress for financial aid, scholarships, classes and even athletics. This exciting, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly application, supplies the critical information you need for your continued success.

MyInfo can perform the following actions for you:

  • Access your personalized class schedule (current semester and up to two future semesters).
  • Upload your academic schedule to your Maricopa Google Calendar (or you can send it to the your student email account).
  • Display up to three of your prior semester terms and cumulative grades.
  • Show new and used book costs, as well as rental availability so you will be able to budget for your required books.
  • Present GPS enabled, interactive campus maps so you can quickly find the location of buildings and classes on your mobile devices.
  • Check your financial aid award status and amounts (offered, awarded, and disbursed).
  • View your important messages and high-priority holds (if they may apply) to your student account.

You will not need to visit an app store - this is a mobile-friendly tool. Simply go to on your web-enabled mobile device.