In the event of an emergency, the most up-to-date information will be found at the Maricopa County Community College District homepage. This is where Maricopa Emergency Management System (MEMS) alerts will be posted when issued. MEMS alerts are issued in the event of an emergency that affects - or has the potential to affect - the safety of people and property.

The site provides essential information regarding how college communities will be notified of an emergency, the actions they must take when an incident occurs, and the importance of following official direction in the event of an emergency.


Important Numbers


MCCCD Department of Public Safety (Police):

  • Emergency: 480-784-0911

  • Non-Emergency: 480-784-0900

District Switchboard: 480-731-8911 

District Office Recorded Information: 480-784-0990


How You Will Be Notified – MEMS Alerts


There are a variety of alert methods that can be employed. 

Technology Alerts

Audible Alerts

Visual Alerts

Text Message MEMS Alerts


ALERT Flashing Strobes

Email Notifications


Message Boards

College and District Website homepages



Twitter (@MaricopaAlerts)


All of these methods are explained in more detail in the MEMS section of the Safety website.

During emergency situations, Maricopa Community Colleges use an emergency notification system to send text and e-mail messages to students. Text messages are sent to the cellular number listed in your Online Student Center and e-mail messages are sent to your student MEID account. You are automatically signed up to receive emergency notifications when you enroll for classes; however, you will only receive text message if your phone number is correct and listed as “cellular”. It is very important for you to keep your contact information in your Online Student Center up to date. 


Understanding Key Messages



To leave a room/building/campus immediately in an orderly manner. Take personal items with you.


To secure an area by locking doors and windows, and barricading oneself to block entry to a room. Close window blinds and turn off lights and move away from doors and windows. Remain in safe location and await further instructions. If outdoors, proceed to an indoor area.


To take immediate shelter where you are. This usually occurs as the result of an environmental hazard with a short duration.

Persons with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities should prepare for emergencies ahead of time by discussing their abilities and needs with Disability Resources at the college or their instructor. Use of the "buddy system" is recommended.