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Male Empowerment Network

The Male Empowerment Network (MEN) is designed to improve the retention and degree completion rates of its minority male students. You can join


Primary Goals of the Male Empowerment Network 
  1. Increase the access, persistence, and graduation rate of minority male students
  2. Connect minority male students with academic and professional support resources/services
  3. Create a culture of success and empowerment among minority male students


What Students Say About the Program
  • Male students describe their MEN chapter as a “brotherhood,” a “united front,” a “supportive group,” and a “family."
  • Outside of the classroom, MEN is the only connection to the college for many minority male students.
  • Students articulate a sense of pride in themselves and their leadership abilities.
  • Students value successful role models.
  • Students feel part of their college community when they are actively involved and have a voice that is heard.
  • Chapters are a safe environment for students to articulate the challenges they experience.
  • Students feel that they have a place to go for help.


MEN has engaged more than 500 male students through MEN events. The colleges each provide learning and networking opportunities for their MEN Chapters. Examples include learning sessions on financial aid, scholarships, careers, leadership, communication, and study skills. The college MEN chapters have also hosted guest speakers and organized various student led events. The MEN advisers meet on a monthly basis to share best practices and to program plan.


Examples of MEN Chapter activities and events include:

  • MMI/MEN Adviser/Student Summer Retreat
  • MEN Making the Grade, Student Success Mini-Conference
  • MEN Communication Careers and the D-Backs Game
  • Speaker & MEN Luncheon
  • AACC Men of Color Student Leadership Institute
  • MEN Day @ Arizona State University
  • MEN Induction Ceremony
  • MEN Leadership Conference
  • MEN Graduation and Awards Luncheon, May 2, 2014
  • MEN Dialogue Day
  • College Success Events
  • Community Service Projects


MEN Chapter Advisors

The roles of MEN Program Advisers have been defined to assist in supporting college MEN Chapters. Roles include:

  • Provide overall guidance to the MEN Chapter
  • Empower the members of the MEN Chapter
  • Conduct information sessions promoting the MEN Program
  • Collaborate with Academic and Student Affairs divisions and departments to support the MEN Chapter students
  • Facilitate and coordinate MEN campus meetings and events
  • Track MEN Chapter student academic progress
  • Collaborate with other MEN Chapter advisers


MEN Chapter Advisors        

Chandler Gilbert Community College 

Michael Greene (480) 732‐7146

Dr. William Crawford (480) 732‐7309

Jackson Filas (480) 857-5562

Gloria Lucas (480) 732-7330

Paradise Valley Community College

Cranston Forte (602)787-7224

Estrella Mountain Community College

Daniel Meader (623) 935-8905

Phoenix College

Vonzell Cash (602) 285-7172

GateWay Community College

Dr. Jake Rivera (602) 286-8216 

Andrew Stuck (602) 286-8188

Rio Salado College

Michael Ross (480) 517‐ 8566

Aaron Torres (480) 517-8375

Glendale Community College

Connie Greenwell (623) 845-4474

Ricardo Moran (623) 570-­2864

Scottsdale Community College

Aaron L. Taliaferro (480) 425-6403

Mesa Community College

Luis Ellis (480) 461-7397

Maurice Smith (480) 461‐7344

Rodney Bennett (480) 461‐7656

South Mountain Community College

Christopher Erran (602) 243-8346

Marlon Liddell (602) 305-5607

Armando Chavez (602) 872‐7991