Student smiling.

Dual Enrollment

High School Students Earning College Credit while still in High School!

Dual Enrollment is an opportunity for high school students to get a head start on college. Dual Enrollment courses allow students to earn both high school and college credit simultaneously during regular school hours at their high school. The credit earned may be transferred to a community college or university upon high school graduation.


The Benefits of Dual Enrollment

Sharpen Academic Skills

  • Studies show that students are more academically successful at their chosen university when they successfully complete dual enrollment courses while still in high school.
  • Students experience the rigor of community college course expectations and are better prepared when they become full-time college students.


Save Time

  • Dual Enrollment courses may be counted toward both high school and Maricopa Community College graduation requirements.
  • Courses are high school classes taught at a college level for Maricopa Community College credit.
  • Courses are taken during the regular school day.
  • Earning college credit while still in high school allows students to complete up to 1 or 2 years of college.
  • Once dual enrollment students begin college their dual enrollment classes allow them to take fewer classes each semester and still graduate on time.
  • Dual enrollment classes also give students a chance to double major or even start taking upper level classes earlier.


Save Money

  • Courses are cost effective. Students can take advantage of low community college tuition rates.
  • Qualifying students may receive tuition assistance based on financial need.
  • High schools in most cases pay for dual enrollment college textbooks which means dual enrollment students only pay tuition.
  • Tuition for Dual Enrollment courses is the same at all Maricopa Community Colleges and significantly less than the typical four-year college.


Increase the Chance for College Success

  • Dual enrollment provides quality learning opportunities and helps high school students prepare for college.
  • Students experience college level courses – the curriculum and text have been approved by Maricopa County Community College District. These challenging courses enhance high level thinking skills and provide incentive to advance beyond the high school level.
  • Best of all, transition from high school to college begins early and occurs conveniently in a familiar, comfortable environment.