Military & Veterans

We are here to serve you as you serve our country. We are dedicated to supporting you, your spouses, dependents and veterans by offering a wide selection of courses, certificates and degrees, student services, as well as T.A. eligible certificates and programs. Our colleges have been recognized by Military Advantage as “Military Friendly Schools” due to our dedication to providing military service members and veterans with educational opportunities and support.

For Active Duty individuals interested in MCCCD, please visit the Pre-Enrollment Information page to view additional resources and information prior to your admission to MCCCD.


Financial Options to Keep in Mind

  • Military Tuition Assistance
  • TOP-UP - reimbursable benefits for GI Bill eligible students
  • Montgomery GI Bill for veteran students
  • Federal Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA)


Policy for Return of Military Tuition Assistance

If you withdraw from a course for which you have received military tuition assistance funds, the Maricopa Community Colleges are required to return any unearned portion of tuition assistance back to your branch of the Department of Defense. You can read the policy at the 2.2.10 Refund Policy page. Be aware that withdrawing from a course for which you have received tuition assistance funds can result in a debt with the Department of Defense and/or with Maricopa. The potential percentage of what may be returned to the DOD and what you may owe to Maricopa can be found here and is based on the length of your class.


Veteran Services

There are many services specifically available to you as a Veteran and for your dependents. We provide a variety of certificate and degree programs to assist veterans with career and educational goals, workforce development and preparation for university transfer, as well as a variety of support services. Under the governance of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the Maricopa Community Colleges are equipped to evaluate any prior credits that you (as a veteran) may have earned. This evaluation includes verifying all institutions that you may have attended even if you did not use your educational benefits. It is your responsibility to request official academic transcripts from all colleges you have previously attended. More information is available below.


  1. Request official transcripts from all colleges previously attended.
  2. Follow up with your college’s Admission Office to determine if they have received all of your transcripts.
  3. Complete and submit a form for the request of your prior college credit(s).
  4. Once your transcripts have been evaluated, notify the Veterans Office at your college.
    • Generally, you have one semester to complete this requirement. However, if you are certified for a class/degree requirement that you have already completed at another institution, you will have an overpayment of funds.
    • The VA will not pay for repeated courses if the grade already earned is acceptable for graduation requirements or if the courses are elective courses in excess of those needed to meet graduation requirements.
  5. Contact the Veterans Office at your college if you have any questions about the transfer credit process for veterans.