Health Insurance

As a college student, you probably have health insurance as the last thing on your mind. In the event of an accident or serious illness, health insurance can help you face unplanned medical expenses. 

Under the 2010 Health-Care Reform Law, you are able to stay on your parent's or guardian’s healthcare plans until the age of 26. It is important for you to review your parent's policy rather than just assuming that coverage will continue when you enter college. Some providers do not cover students that attend school out of state or may even charge higher deductibles and co-pays based on the student's location.


Accident Plan

As an enrolled student at MCCCD, you are automatically insured under the Accident plan. When you enroll as a student, in approved credit and /or non-credit classes, the cost of accident insurance is covered in your student activity fee. Coverage automatically terminates when you are no longer enrolled as a MCCCD student. This plan applies only to college‑related accidents. For a description of plan benefits and coverage refer to 2016-2017 Student Accident Insurance Plan.



All international students must have proof of insurance to register, and this plan of insurance is designed to protect international students against unforeseen medical expenses while studying outside their home countries.