Counseling & Development

Are you needing assistance with change, stress, and self-development? These are all a part of college life. The counseling departments at each of the Maricopa Community Colleges provide free and confidential assistance to you with life skills, career planning, and crisis intervention.


Counseling Is a Valuable Tool to Aid in...

  • Setting career goals
  • Creating strategies for student success
  • Preparing for a job search
  • Setting personal and educational goals
  • Improving study skills
  • Managing stress and crises


Counseling and Personal Development services provide confidential services to help students manage change and stress, overcome problems of the past and present, and gain self-understanding and direction. Faculty and staff are available to provide support and empower you in achieving lifelong goals through providing unique counseling, career planning, instruction, and consultation services and programs. Part of a counselor’s job is to help you develop effective academic strategies that will assist you with time management skills so that you can effectively balance demands like school, work, and family.



Visit your college's Counseling and Personal Development website to learn more.