Updating Your Contact Information

As a Maricopa Community College student, there are multiple ways for staff and faculty to contact you. You may receive important messages via postal mail, email, phone, or text. You may also receive messages within your Online Student Center via the Message Center or your individual To-Do List.

With all of these methods for communication, it’s important to keep your contact information up to date within our systems. Each semester, be sure to check the various systems below to ensure that MCCCD staff and faculty can help you to succeed through successful communication!

In your Online Student Center, you can update your home/mailing address, non-Maricopa student email address(es), and phone number(s).


To update your personal information within your Online Student Center...


1. Log in to your Online Student Center.

Student Center Icon


2. Scroll to the “Personal Information” section to select the appropriate type of demographic information you’d like to update.

Personal Information area in the Student Center

Please note: If you need to change any other elements related to your Online Student Center profile including gender, marital/military status, lawful presence information, and/or driver’s license information, you may be required to contact an administrator at your college.


3. Select Edit or Add buttons for the selected information type.

Add and Edit buttons


4. Enter updated personal information including information “type” (ie cellular, home, or work phone).

Update the specific type for the contact information you wish to change


5. Delete any outdated information and click Save to finalize changes.