Introduction to Paying for College

calculate how much - find funding - apply for aid - pay by deadline

Part of being a student is researching options for financing your college course prior to registering for classes for the semester. 

Planning includes researching, learning, and discussing with experts to understand college resources and opportunities available to aid you in reaching your educational goals. 

Maricopa Community Colleges’ financial services staff are there to help you sort through all of the information to make financially responsible decisions!  

  • To contact your Financial Aid Office, use this number for all colleges: 855-622-2332 (toll free).

Balancing Costs

When it comes to paying your tuition, you can balance the cost of tuition with other demands on your income by making use of the tuition payment plan.  The tuition payment plan is open to all students, but can be especially beneficial to those who cannot qualify for federal student aid or loans. 

These payment plans enable you to make monthly payments throughout the semester, from your checking account or with a credit card.