2014-2015 Federal Financial Aid Verification Forms and Submission Requirements

If you are completing the verification process for the 2014 – 2015 academic year:

  1. Log in to your Student Center to determine required documents and other required actions to complete the verification process.
  2. Check your To Do List and Maricopa Student Email regularly for any additional reminders.

Beginning with the 2014-2015 financial aid year, Maricopa Community Colleges is pleased to offer you a seamless method for submitting all but a few of your required verification documents through the confidential Maricopa Verification Processing Center. The verification worksheet, as well as any other identified documentation can be sent to the Maricopa Verification Processing Center in the following three ways:

Maricopa Verification Processing Center Drop Box

Located at all Maricopa Student Services Centers (staple documentation together or place in an envelope)


When faxing documentation, you may have to dial "9" before the local fax number(480-219-4885)

US Mail

Maricopa Community Colleges
Attn: Maricopa Verification  Processing Center (MVPC)
2411 W. 14th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281

Please note: Incomplete and/or unidentified documents will not be processed. Do not skip any sections, submit all requested documents, and be sure to include the student’s ID number and name at the top of each page.

In some instances, you may be asked to submit specific documents directly to your college. In that case, submit the identified documents in person to the financial aid office at your college.

  • If you have documents that must be submitted to your college, both your To Do List and the VMS will indicate the applicable requirements.
  • Examples of documents that you would submit to your college include, but are not limited to, the “Statement of Identity and Educational Purpose” and the “Homeless Independent Request Form”.

To contact your Financial Aid Office, use this number for all colleges: 855-622-2332 (toll free)

2014-2015 Academic Year Verification Forms

Please note: These fillable forms allow you to complete the form online, print the form and submit it.  Electronic signatures are not accepted. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download  it here.

PDF Cover Sheet:  Include EACH time you submit a form below
PDF Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose
PDF Federal Loan Discharged Due to Disability
PDF Homeless Independent Request
PDF V1 Dependent Verification Worksheet
* V1 Independent Verification Worksheet
PDF V3 Dependent Child Support Paid Verification Worksheet
PDF  V4 Dependent Child Support Paid and SNAP Verification Worksheet
*  V5 Dependent Verification Worksheet
*  V6 Dependent Verification Worksheet
*  V1 Independent Verification Worksheet
PDF V3 Independent Child Support Paid Verification Worksheet
*  V4 Independent Child Support Paid and SNAP Verification Worksheet
*  V5 Independent Verification Worksheet
*  V6 Independent Verification Worksheet
PDF Unusual Enrollment History Appeal Form
*  Unusual Enrollment History - Request for Reinstatement Form
*  Dependent Insufficient Resource Form
*  Independent Insufficient Resource Form