Adding a Class

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Adding a class in the Online Student Center is simple!

1. Log in to the Online Student Center at with your MEID and password.

2. Click the Add a Class link under the Academics heading and Enrollment sub-heading.

3. Select the college and term that you want to register for, and click Continue. If you do not see the college and term you want, you may not have filled out the Student Admission Application and should do so now.

  • If you see the right college and term, but not the right career (e.g., it says Non Credit when you want Credit, or vice versa), you need to fill out the Student Admission Application and pick the career ("Non Credit" or "Degree and Cert Programs") that you desire.

4. Enter your 5-digit class section number in the Enter Class Nbr field, then click the Enter button.

5. Verify that the class you added is the one you want. If everything looks good, click the Next button.

Please Note: Double-check the Days & Times and Start/End Date columns   

6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for any other classes you wish to add.

7. Click on the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button.

8. Confirm your class schedule one more time, then click the Finish Enrolling button.

9. Verify that you are enrolled in all of the classes you selected. Any errors will have a red X in the Status column.

10. Click on Payment Options, and then click on the Charges Due tab to see any tuition and fees you may owe.

  • Depending on when you register, you may have tuition due the same day you register. If you do not make payment arrangements by the due date, you will be dropped from your classes.

Click the button below to go to your Online Student Center to register for a class.

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Paying for College

Explore paying for college options and resources, complete the FAFSA, and apply for scholarships.

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