Study Abroad

The Maricopa Community Colleges offer study abroad programs that provide you an opportunity to earn credit abroad through the Maricopa Community Colleges while experiencing other cultures and languages.  Why should students study abroad?  Here are just a few reasons!

  • Studying abroad opens your window to the world, broadening your perspective and exposing you to new and diverse points of view.  
  • Employers today seek out graduates with resumes that include study abroad, because they value employees with international experience. 
  • Study Abroad promotes global citizenship and a greater sense of connection to the larger world.
  • Study Abroad programs are fun and life-changing!  You’ll get to visit beautiful places, meet new and interesting people, see amazing sights, and experience personal growth - all while engaging in a unique educational experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life!


Program Catalog and Information

Information on 2018 programs is available below.  All courses listed are taught by Maricopa instructors and range from one to four weeks in length.  All study abroad programs are open to students from any of the Maricopa Community Colleges as well as community members.

Tips for applying for Study Abroad Program        


2018 Programs




Latin America






French Polynesia 

  • Moorea and Tahiti Islands: information coming soon (GCC) 


“We need to look no further than our morning paper to see that our future, and the future of our youth, is inextricably linked to the complex challenges of the global community. And for our (young people) to be prepared to take their place in that world and rise to those challenges, they must first understand it.”