Student Loan Borrowing Information

Before deciding to borrow additional loan funds, do some financial planning. Ask yourself these questions:


17-18 Direct Cost (in-state) Tuition & Fees Books Total per semester
12 credits $1047 $695 $1742


Direct costs are what you pay the school: tuition, fees, and books.


Indirect costs are considered living expenses; Transportation, Room & Board, and Personal expenses.

Both direct and indirect costs make up your Cost of Attendance. Financial aid can only be awarded up to your Cost of Attendance budget.

For more information on your COA budget go to your Shopping Sheet Link located on your Award page, in your Student Center. Check to see if your other financial aid covers the cost of your direct costs and even your indirect costs before borrowing the unsubsidized loans.


An unsubsidized loan is a loan whose interest is charged from the time student receives their loan until paid in full.  If you do not pay the interest while in school the interest will accumulate. This means the amount you will owe on your loan will be a higher amount.  

Think twice before borrowing this loan. If you need to take out the unsubsidized loan de termine what you need by creating a budget. There are aggregate limits on the amount of loans you can take out. If you are transferring to a university you may need the extra loan funds to help pay for your education at the university.



Check into the school’s payment plan options, apply for scholarships, and/or part time work, before taking out additional loans.



It is important that you borrow responsibly so you will be able to repay your loan.

In creating a budget make two lists- Income versus Expenses


Direct Expenses   Income  
Tuition & Fees $1047/sem Pell grant $2960/sem
Books $695/sem Scholarship $1000/sem
Total Direct $1742 Total $3960




Indirect Expenses   Income  
Room & Board $2898/sem Part-time job $5000/sem
Transportation $1350/sem    
Personal Expenses $1908/sem    
Total Indirect $6156/sem Total $5000
Grand Totals $7898 Grand Total $8960


Since your total income is higher than your expenses, you should not take out additional loans.

Make responsible choices. You will need to pay back loans with interest, so borrow only what you need and consider your future income.


Additional Budgeting Information and Tips in creating a budget video


If after reviewing you Income and Expenses, you realize you do need additional unsubsidized loans funds, click here for the Additional Loan Request Form


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