Federal Work Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a grant that you work off and is part of your financial aid award eligibility.  

In order to be employed in a work-study job, you must have a FWS award. Some colleges award FWS upfront in your award notice.  Other colleges award once you find a work-study job.  

Although work-study should be treated as any other job, it does have some distinctions: 

  • Employers arrange a FWS schedule around your class schedule
  • Although the majority of FWS positions are located on-campus, the program also offers a growing number of off-campus, community service jobs
  • The money you earn from FWS is not counted towards your next year's contribution for financial aid
  • You do not need to have specific skills to get a FWS job; you just have to show interest
  • FWS gives you invaluable experience when preparing to enter or re-enter the job market after graduation

Remember to bring an up-to-date resume, or submit it by email if directed. 

If you need assistance with job search techniques, please meet with a Career Services Advisor.


Steps to Obtain Federal Work-Study (FWS)
  1. Go to the Financial Aid Office to verify your eligibility for the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program.
  2. Visit the Career Services Office to review the current work-study job openings.
  3. Apply to the department(s) of your choice. Get hired!
  4. Give your supervisor the FWS referral/hire form to complete. Hang on to this form until you complete your employment paperwork in Human Resources.
  5. Go to your Online Student Center and check your "View Financial Aid" to see if your FWS award is posted. This may take a few days. When it has been posted, print a copy of your Award Summary.
  6. Take your Award Summary and your FWS hire form to the Human Resources department on your campus to complete your employment paperwork. Be sure to bring acceptable documents for Federal Form I-9 purposes.
  7. Your supervisor will finish the hiring documents. Check with your supervisor for a start date.