Payment Options

Tuition Due Dates

Tuition is due 35 days prior to the class start date or the same day you register if it is fewer than 35 days to the class start date. To check your due date go to your Online Student Center at Click ‘Account Inquiry’ under the ‘Finances’ section then click on the ‘Charges Due’ link.

You have four easy ways to pay your tuition and fees:

  1. Online payments (and view bill) using your Online Student Center
  2. Financial aid funds (pays automatically when awarded)
  3. Payment at the college cashier's office
  4. Monthly payment plan (Nelnet Business Solutions)

Online Payments

Using your Online Student Center, you can check your class registration status, find out how much tuition you owe, see when your tuition is due, check your financial aid, and pay for your classes all in the one convenient place.

  1. Log in to your Online Student Center
  2. Scroll down to Finances
  3. Select Payment Options under Account Summary
  4. Select Pay by Credit Card
  5. After being directed to the Touchnet Website follow the steps to make a credit card payment

Financial Aid Funds

 With your financial aid award funding, you can pay your tuition and fees. In order to ensure that classes are not dropped on the payment due date...

  • you must have a current financial aid award corresponding to the semester’s tuition and fees
  • you need to be sure that there is enough financial aid funding per semester to cover your tuition and fees

You can review your financial aid award by logging in to the Online Student Center and navigating to Financial Aid>>Award Summary. You must ensure that you have read all instructions and related comments. Students not yet awarded may need to complete additional processes to receive financial aid funding. Check your To Do List for details.

Be aware that financial aid funds will NOT pay tuition and fees right away. Financial aid will update your student account during the Financial Aid Disbursement Process.

Students that do not meet the minimum standards of Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) may not be awarded or may have their federal student aid cancelled due to prior semester/term grades.

College Cashier's Office

The cashier's office provides students with several payment options and can answer any questions concerning tuition and fee charges, payments, or refunds. Cashier's offices accept payments in person, on the telephone, or by mail.  Payments made by telephone will require a credit/debit card, and for payments sent by mail will require a check or money order.

Please Note: Paradise Valley Community College does not accept telephone payments.

Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration or by the specified due date for the class. The $15 registration fee and any associated class fees must be paid by their respective due dates.

For details about locations, hours of operation, tuition, fee payment options, and mailing addresses, see the links for college cashiers offices on the right.

Monthly Payment Plan

What are the reasons you may want to choose a monthly payment plan?

  1. Convenient online enrollment and online payments
  2. Automatic Bank Payment (ACH) from checking or savings
  3. Only a $1 enrollment fee for an immediate full payment (ACH only)
  4. No interest
  5. Email notifications
  6. Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover
  7. Enrollment fee is $20 per college per semester
Please Note: If the registration fee is returned for any reason, the agreement will be terminated. There is a $30 fee for all returned payments.

Want to set up an account? See detailed instructions about setting up a payment plan.

Already have a payment plan? View agreement history and update information through your Student Center by clicking on the "My Payment Options/Manage My Payment Plan" link.