Funding Your College Education

Signpost of Financial Aid OpportunitiesPlanning your educational goals includes both academic and financial factors. It is important to research and plan for tuition costs, fees and other costs. This planning begins with:

  • Educating yourself on the different kinds of financial aid. You have various ways to pay for college. Learning about different financial aid paths is valuable for your plans, and Maricopa Community Colleges staff can help!
  • Preparing a separate budget for books, supplies, and other expenses. 

Managing Your Funding Documention

You may decide to apply for different types of federal or private financial opportunities. The more you decide to take advantage of, the more documentation that may be required. It is important to: 

  • Know the finer details of every document you sign. For example, some financial aid opportunities, including scholarshios and federal student aid, require a new application each and every year.
  • Pay strict attention to documentation deadlines. Missed deadlines are missed opportunities.

Support Services

Each Maricopa Community College has expert support services to help, guide, and assist you. Find out more and call us at 855-622-2332 (toll free).