Technology Regulations

The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) provides you and the community with access to information resources and technologies. MCCCD recognizes that the free exchange of opinions and ideas is essential to academic freedom, and the advancement of educational, research, service, operational, and management purposes, is furthered by making these resources accessible. However, Arizona constitutional and statutory mandates require that MCCCD resources, including technology, be used only for the public’s business, and not for private purposes.

The aim of those laws is to safeguard the use of resources, including technology resources, acquired and maintained with public funds. Compliance with other laws–both federal and state–also dictates the need for standards for the use of MCCCD technology resources. In some cases, the Chancellor's Administrative Regulations emphasize the importance of compliance with the law such as the requirement to adhere to copyright laws. Governing Board policies also establish MCCCD’s own standards, such as the directive that all persons within the MCCCD community be treated in a manner that is humane, fair and dignified.

This administrative regulation establishes standards for the use of MCCCD technology resources. They should be seen as supplementing, and not in lieu of, the Chancellor's Adminitrative Regulations, applicable law and other applicable administrative regulations such as Administrative Regulation 4.3 “Electronic Communications.”


General Responsibilities

Use of Non-MCCCD Technology

Acceptable Use

Incidental Computer and Technology Usage

Prohibited Conduct

Review and Approval of Alternate E-Mail Account Systems


Information Accuracy and Marketing Standards

Complaints and Violations