Honors Program

The Honors Program at the Maricopa Community Colleges provides intellectually and stimulating learning opportunities to you for your outstanding academic achievements.


Honors Program Goals
  • To encourage, foster, and contribute to a climate of excellence both in the colleges and in the surrounding community;
  • To encourage students to strive to achieve the maximum benefit from the educational services provided by Maricopa Community Colleges;
  • To recognize and reward the talent and motivation of outstanding community college students and faculty;
  • To promote a sense of scholarship and community among program participants and with the colleges;
  • To serve as a source of innovation and testing for new methodologies and services that may be extended to a greater number of students; and
  • To raise awareness of the high quality and variety of educational services offered by Maricopa Community Colleges.


Honors Program Features

The Maricopa Community Colleges Honors Program includes:


Why Join the Honors Program?



Honors coursework is designed to challenge you and help you develop intellectually, socially, and personally. Most courses help you meet your graduation goals.


Learning Outcomes

The Honors Program at the Maricopa Community Colleges is committed to helping students achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Think critically:  includes supporting and arranging arguments, devising solutions, analyzing issues, and critiquing beliefs.
  • Communicate effective.
  • Appropriately expressing ideas to diverse audiences in spoken and written contexts.
  • Employing scholarly standards of conduct, demonstrating respect for intellectual property, and accepting responsibility for active civic engagement.
  • Being an independent life-long learner and achieving educational and career goals.
  • Demonstrate Integrity.
  • Prepare for future success.



  • Presidents’ Honors Scholarship - This scholarship is for incoming first-year college students who meet the criterion (see How to Join tab)
  • Honors Achievement Award - This scholarship is for current college students who have already completed at least twelve (12) college credits and are maintaining at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA.  (see How to Join tab)
  • Once you’re in the Honors Program, you’ll find several other scholarship opportunities that are available to Honors students only.


Co-curricular Opportunities

Honors students can take advantage of numerous co-curricular events, including lectures, workshops, community service projects, travel, etc. Contact the College Honors Program for more information.


Faculty Interaction

Honors students have a unique opportunity to study with faculty who are committed to the Honors mission. Their classes and projects are not ‘harder,’ but are enriched to stimulate your thinking. Honors faculty often use provocative and innovative materials covering central concepts and cutting edge explorations; and they create an informal environment that encourages discussion and debate on important topics.


Graduate from the Honors Program

Honors students who earn at least 15 Honors credits, whilte maintaining at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA, can graduate from the Honors Program at their college.  Some colleges have additional graduation requirements.


How to Join the Maricopa Community Colleges Honors Program

There are two entry points into the Honors Program:  The application form for both are posted below.  Please download, print and submit the application form to the College Honors Office attending and/or plan to attend.


As an President's Honors Scholarship (PHS) -- This scholarship is for incoming, first-year college students who meet the any of the pathways criterion below to receive the scholarship:


Honors Presidents Scholarship Application


The Presidents’ Honors Scholarship covers in-state/in-county tuition up to 15 credit hours (plus the $15 registration fee) per semester, but does not apply to summer sessions.  To be eligible, students must enroll at the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) campus of their choice in the academic year (two academic semesters) following high school graduation or equivalency without having attended another accredited college or university before enrolling in a MCCCD campus (co-enrollment, dual enrollment, and summer session excluded)


Eligibility Requirements:  Students submitting the President's Honors Scholarship application must be able to show legal presence in the United States and fall under one of the following four pathways to be eligible for the scholarship.  In addition, students must be residents of Maricopa County.  Students must apply to the program within one academic year (two academic semesters) of graduation from high school, completion of their GED, or receipt of the Grand Canyon Diploma.


The following test scores are required for admittance to the program for any of the pathways listed below:

  • At least ENG 101 -- with a minimum WritePlace score of 5 or higher -- at least MAT 120, and a Reading score of 74 or higher,
  • Or the requisite coursework to be prepared for placement in ENG 101, MAT 120, or CRE 101,
  • Or successful completion of ENG 101, MAT 120, or CRE 101



  1. Completion of a secondary education program in Maricopa County (including NCA-accredited, charter, private, religious high schools), with a final cumullative minimum of 3.0 GPA and placement scores as noted above. OR
  2. Home-schooled student, with verification from parents, have a final cumulative minimum of 3.0 GPA, and placement test scores as noted above. OR
  3. General Educational Development (GED) certificate completed within one academic year and placement test scores as noted above. OR
  4. Grand Canyon Diploma recipient completed within one academic year of application and placement test scores as noted above.

Submission Deadline:Please inquire with the college Honors office you are applying at.


Honors Academic Achievement Award -- The Honors Academic Achievement (HAA) award is for current Maricopa Community Colleges students who have already completed at least twelve (12) college credits and are maintaining at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA.  It will assist with tuition, registration, and/or books.  

Honors Academic Achievement Award Application

Submission Deadline:  Please inquire with the college Honors office you are applying.