Catalog Common Pages

We are dedicated to providing you a healthy, comfortable, productive and non-discriminatory environment. To ensure this is met, we have established a set of administrative regulations used in managing its day-to-day operations.

The Catalog Common Pages are MCCCD Administrative Regulations and Appendix items specifically relevant to Maricopa students. These regulations are used in managing the day-to-day operations of MCCCD and are subject to change. Administrative Regulations are amended, adopted, or deleted as necessary and are subject to a formal approval process. Administrative regulations are referenced as “AR” followed by a regulation number, which corresponds with the regulations on the MCCCD website.

Some regulations include reference to Arizona Revised Statutes from the State of Arizona and are noted as “ARS” followed by a reference number.

The Title IX/504 Coordinators are designated at each of the 10 colleges. In order to follow Federal Law, the Maricopa Community Colleges have numerous administrative regulations that govern our efforts, including non discrimination, student rights and responsibilities, academic misconduct, sexual harassment prevention, among others.


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